2.3B Explore new Treatment and Rehabilitation Approaches




The RENEW (Recovery through ENgaging and Empowering Women) Research Team, led by Dr. Alicia Allen, conducts research on substance misuse in women.  We are currently funded by the National Institutes of Health to identify how ovarian hormones (such as progesterone), stress-related hormones (such as cortisol), and pregnancy-related hormones (such as oxytocin) may empower women to quit cigarette smoking and avoid relapse to opioids. For more information about our team, ongoing research studies, and recent study results visit our webpage and/or follow us on twitter RENEW TEAM.


Initiative 2.3B

Amol Patwardhan MD/PhD

CPAC Director of Operations 2.3B

Co-Director of the Chronic Pain Clinic

COM-T, Vice-Chair for research, Anesthesiology, Associate Professor, Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, and Neurosurgery

Alicia Allen MD, MPH

COM-T, Assoc. Professor in FCM

M.Y Bader MD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Mo

Pavani Chalasani

Associate Professor, Medicine - Associate Professor, Cancer Biology - GIDP

Ann Marie Chiasson

Director, AWCIM Fellowship Program Clinical - Associate Professor, Medicine

Randall Dull MD

COM-T, Anesthesiology, Professor

Renee Gregg FNP,DNP

CON-T, Clinical Associate Professor, Nursing (Career Track)

Interim Coordinator, FNP Specialty

Lisa Grisham NNP-BC

Director of the Family Centered NAS Care Program

Elisa Gumm DO

VA/UArizona, Clinical Assistant Professor

Stuart Hameroff MD

COM-T, Professor of Anesthesiology

Mohab Ibrahim MD/PhD

Comprehensive Pain Addiction Center Interim Medical Director

COM-T, Associate Professor, Anesthesiology

Kent Kwoh

Director, Arizona Arthritis Center Professor, Medical Imaging - Chief, Division of Rheumatology - Professor, Medicine

Renee Love PhD, DNP

CON-T, Clinical Associate Professor

Frank Porreca PhD

COM-T, Professor & Assoc. Head of Pharmacology

Jay Sanquinetti PhD

COS, Assistant Research Professor in Psychology

David Sheinbein MD

Banner, Anesthesiology

Ole Thienhaus MD/MBA

COM-T, Professor and Head of Psychiatry

Nicole Yuan

Associate Professor, Public Health - Associate Professor, Psychology

Angela Brown DNP,RN

CON-T, Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing

Tracy Crane PhD

CON-T, Assistant Professor, Nursing

Todd Vanderah PhD

Comprehensive Pain Addiction Center Interim Director

Co-Director, MD/PhD Dual Degree Program, Professor and Head of Pharmacology

Professor, Anesthesiology - Professor, Neurology - Professor, Neuroscience - GIDP - Professor, Physiological Sciences - GIDP - Professor, BIO5 Institute